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Metropolis and sustainability

Our Commitment


Metropolis operates an environmental management system to ensure that it makes a conscious contribution to minimize the impact on the environment that its activities create.

The Office

Metropolis undertakes and follows the following protocols:

File management is electronic to minimize the use of paper

  •   Where documentation needs to be printed to carry out the delivery of an event (the onsite operations document) then these are signed out and returned post event for recycling and in order to comply with data protection
  • Where documents are printed then whenever possible the paper is printed on both sides
  • Black and white copies are the default option to minimize ink usage.

Utilities :

  • Lights are switched off when offices are unoccupied
  • Heating is restricted and “on” only when offices are occupied to minimize energy loss
  • PCs are turned off when not in use
  • Low energy bulbs are used throughout.

Communication :

  • Documents are emailed to minimize paper and postage.


Provide Running Water to a Community

Visit a nearby Village Community where a project to assist the community has been identified – water and sanitation at a local school –

  • Problem - There is no running water at the school
  • solution pre arrival of the group – assess budget of client and with budget allowing some of the following - install pipe line to water source – storage tank – pipe line to ablution building – install toilet and basins
  • Solution during group event – sensitize group to the culture and life of the local community – explain what their representative company has done through financing a project etc
  • Visit the school with a pre-planned structured interactive program that allows the group to spend time in the community and at the school undertaking some of the tasks required to complete the work and also meet and appreciate the people and their culture further first hand



Woodland Replanting

Protection and Replanting Indigenous Woodland.

Cansaf is part of a project called the Zambesia Reforestation Project – propagation of indigenous seedlings and the planting of young indigenous trees back in the environment in the region. We work closely with the local communities to make them aware as to why they should not cause deforestation.

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