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MT Global and sustainability

Our Commitment

MT Global identity integrates sustainable commitment. We are convinced that a little help from each one of us will help to have a better environment, both in caring our planet and the most sensible parts of our society, especially children.

We are actively committed to improving these factors, and actively work with different organizations which get to the focus and really help.

We believe and work in developing possible solutions for more equal job opportunities and gender equality


Helping the Community

  • Helping the poorest communities to rebuild, paint and clean their houses and environment
  • Organizing several tree planting in areas damaged by fire



We help in several projects, in Spain and outwards

  • We are member of Whole World Water

  • Sending funds for the massai community in Tanzania to help in schools, hospitals and soup kitchens

  • Organization of the Annual Dinner of ATENPACE offering our human and technical resources for free

  • Yearly contribution to Aldeas Infantiles , Save the Children, Médicos del Mundo

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To contact our Body and Soul offices for advice or information please call any of the following numbers:

+31 570 605831 (Western Europe)
+420 724 009 164 (Central Europe)
+55 11 3042 4006 (Brazil)
+27 82 754 4256 (South Africa)
+ 1 909 280 2531 (USA)

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