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Intercrac and sustainability

Our Commitment

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We are fully committed to sustainability at Intercrac. To aid "Save our World", we undertake the following:

1/ Water and electricity savings in the office and during events

2/ choosing locations/ hotels with ECO friendly certificates

3/ plastic/ glass gathering in the office / during events to be collected in recycled centers

4/during conference suggesting Clients use recyclable materials, printing programs on advertising posters, gift bags production on used banners

5/ Women Empowerment - Equal treatment for men and women:  opportunities for promotion and equal pay practice ( salaries )

6/ Social Responsibility

Thank to the activities of our business partner who is Krakow’s city ​​councilor, On September 1, 2019, a total ban on coal burning and wood smoking in the area of the municipality of Krakow came into force. The ban applies not only to coal stoves and furnaces, but also fireplaces and heavy stationary grills.  This anti-smog resolution was adopted by the regional authorities was intended to eliminate the dust from domestic boilers used for solid fuels.

7) Congress of Polish Anesthesiologists, handing over defibrillators after the congress to the city of Krakow

8) Event for the Polish gas industry - handing over an ambulance to the city of Krakow

9) Medical Congresses - prevention including free tests and awareness campaigns

10) Promoting and selecting companies as suppliers who use as many local products as possible in their offer to minimize the need for transport during catering / events


Sustainable activities in Poland

As Intercrac DMC we propose in our programs the different options for Social incentive like:

tree planting or renovation of the playground of Orphanage / Polish Child Care Homes

Proposing facilities close to hotels, meeting locations to avoid having to transport the group

Using alternative means of transport such as trams, bicycles. instead of coaches.


As Intercrac DMC we propose in our programs the different options for Social incentive: like tree planting or renovation of the playground of Orphanage / Polish Child Care Homes

Our sister company : Symposium Cracoviense : Donations to charity

Living-donor kidney transplant procedure

Donations to radiology Museum in Poland

Symposium Cracoviense Environmental policy

values :

Symposium Cracoviense wishes to be significant participant of services sector in the range of applying best environmental practices through promoting positive environmental culture, bearing advantages for current and future generations.

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