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DMC Cambodia

Destination Management Services Cambodia: We offer our expert destination management services in Cambodia. From Angkor Wat till the white sandy beaches and ancient temples, we put together the most amazing itineraries for you. We have been a DMC for more than 30 years and excel at events, incentives, groups and FITs in Cambodia. 

Destination Management Company Cambodia

Team headed by Edouard George   Phoenix Voyages Cambodia  - CEO

With offices in Siem Reap Cambodia

Destination Management Cambodia - Experts in incentive and leisure travel

DMC Cambodia

  • Cambodia

    Phoenix Voyages Mr Edouard George visit website event ideas Cambodia

    For FITs, groups and MICE

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els  · 3 years ago
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My group is still on the road after they left Siem Reap early this morning, but my tour leader has informed me that the whole group is in such high spirits and full of compliments for the first two days in Siem Reap – I have not had much contact with them, but based on the few messages I have received I am so happy since it is clear that you went out of your way to make sure the clients had a fantastic welcome and experience in Siem Reap! There were so many highlights and last night’s circus was fantastic as well as the dinner. I am sure when they come back I will hear all the details.

Now they will enjoy the cruise and then Hanoi and Ha Long Bay and the cave dinner is waiting and I am sure this will be a very good highlight to end the trip.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the small detailed arrangements, I do hope this is the first of many more groups to come!
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Congratulations to Phoenix Voyages
els  · 6 years ago
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Congratulations to Phoenix Voyages - had the honor to be awarded, this year again, the 1st place trophy in the category of "Top 10 Small and Medium Inbound Tour Operators". Well done, Edouard and Phoenix Voyages
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