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Company incentive

Company incentive

We have worked in the incentive industry for many years. But until we organised our own company incentive this year - 20 years of Body and Soul was worth a little party - all of a sudden it really brought home to me just how great a company incentive really is. 

As we left the Cape Town airport, making jokes about Lena's computer called The Predator, which traveled all throughout Africa with us and was almost bigger than Lena herself, this great adventure started. 

My mom and Sustainability

My mom and Sustainability

It always surprises me how much time it takes to update a web site and how I, time and time again, cheerfully underestimate the work it involves. But here we are, our new web site is ready. I would like to start by introducing my mom. Her contribution ties in nicely with our whole section devoted to our DMCs and sustainability. 

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

Put so eloquently by Shakespeare,  what's in a name? Romeo and Juliet didn't care much, but it still counted. 

We are often asked where our name "Body and Soul" comes from. In earlier years, when the hosted buyer systems were not as sophisticated as they are nowadays, we always had several buyers who wanted to meet, thinking we were all about Spa. The disappointment on their faces, when we had no relaxing treatments, nice give-away products or bubbly baths on offer, was clearly painted on their faces. 

So why are we called "Body and Soul International"?

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